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A Study in Performance

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What We Do: Industry Best Retention

  • Leading Fitness Technology Co. .34% Turnover
  • Global streaming leader 2.7% Turnover
  • 2% Turnover
  • 1.8% Turnover

The Result: Top Box Performance

  • #1 in VOC (KPI Rank) in Technology Vertical Among 7 Providers
  • #1 In CSAT (KPI Rank) in Retail Vertical Among 5 Providers
  • #1 In Balanced Scorecard KPI’s in Telecom Vertical Among 8 Providers
  • #1 in Chat Sales Conversion (KPI Rank) in Consumer Electronics Vertical Among 4 Providers



The fastest-growing restaurant management platform in the U.S., valued at $4.9B, Toast was seeking a nearshore BPO partner to help them retain clients, expertly scale their business and drive operational efficiencies for greater cost reduction.

  • ibex Nicaragua Selected
    Toast awarded business to ibex Nicaragua
  • Launched Expertly
    Launched in Feb 2020 after 120 day sales cycle
  • Poised for Expansion
    Adding new LOBs, W@Home, and planning for a second geographic location post-COVID
  • Expectations Outpaced
    Exceeding expectations since inception, allowed ibex to ramp past the proposed 10- person pilot; growing to 175 people in 6 months
  • Challenger to Champion
    ibex quickly becoming primary Tier 1 contact center, replacing in-house operation
  • Above & Beyond
    Engaging ibex for value added services to include IT staff augmentation, WFM services and BPO infrastructure

Leading Digital Payment Giant


Case Study

Our client needed a customer success partner who could achieve a quick speed-to-green and an effortless ramp to Peak for the holiday season, while servicing multiple support channels and working with multiple banking partners.

  • Launch
    Ibex launched 120 agents in our Waterfront Jamaica site to handle voice, chat, and email support for B2C and B2B customers, while implementing a Kaizen process to the ticketing system to more efficiently triage and resolve customer issues.
  • Results Ability to support Peak ramp to 200 agents #1 vendor in network since February Reduced transfer rates from 17% to 10% 3PT improvement in PRR after implementation of Kaizen process in ticketing system.
  • Scaled to
    120 FTEs
    With Peak
    Ramp to 200
  • 40%
    Reduction in
    transfer rates.
  • 3 PT
    Improvement in
    PRR After
    Kaizen Launch
  • #1 Vendor
    Vendor in
    Client Network


Lyft Case Study

With the help of ibex’s Proactive Outreach program, Lyft successfully improved overall rider NPS. For Lyft, ride reviews make up 85% of total enterprise survey volume; 18% of that volume comes from the Proactive Outreach queue.

  • Solution Successfully improved overall rider NPS Decreased avg. concession cost by $2
  • 25
    Normal Passenger
    Queue NPS
  • $9.11
    Passenger Queue
    Avg. Concessions
  • $2
    lower in average
    concessions per ticket
  • 63
    ibex’s Proactive Outreach
    program NPS
  • $7.16
    Proactive Outreach
    Avg. Concessions


Western Union Case Study

Western Union was challenged with long customer wait times and decreasing levels of customer satisfaction. They needed an effective solution, fast.

  • Goal Decrease AHT, reveal program insights, and drive CSAT.
  • Launch
    • In-Depth & Engaged Agent Training Sessions
    • Development of Customer Support Infrastructure with QA and Response Time Reduction set as KPIs
    • Implemented new QA approach
    • Creation of CSAT Pilot Form
    • Program Insights & Analytics developed through TopBox QA Tool
  • Results • Ibex achieved QA rate of 85%
    • Achieved CSAT score of 80%
    • Quality target per agent of 80%
  • #1
    Back-Office Partner
  • 500
  • New TopBox QA Tool
  • #1
    AHT Partner
  • CSAT Pilot

Global Streaming Leader


Case Study

Global Streaming Leader needed an engagement partner who could not only provide top-box customer support and satisfaction, but who could also ramp and launch quickly, while still maintaining quality

  • Goal Growth in LATAM, and meaningful
    improvement in CSAT
  • Solution Launch an omni-channel program at our Nicaragua contact center, with capability for rapid growth.
  • Results Launched with 240 agents, and scaled to 500 agents by Q2 2018 Geographic expansion planned
  • 240 Agents
    Expanding To
    500 In 60 days
  • 98%
  • 96 - 97
    percentile program
    adherence - top in client enterprise.
  • 140k


Leading Fitness Technology

To successfully meet and exceed our client’s needs, ibex strategically analyzed the buy-flow of client customers, and recognized that new customers were becoming ‘stuck’ during the online buying experience.

  • Solution To address this, ibex established Chat, Voice, and Social Media LOB teams to better support consumers as they looked to purchase our client’s products.

Program Launch:
Bend, Oregon, 2015

Program Launch:
Bend, Oregon, 2015

  • Reduced total cost-
    per-contact by
    during 2017 saving our client 2.08M
  • 32%
    Conversion rate
  • 32%
    Program revenue for
    our client
  • #1
    in CSAT across all client vendors

$1.03M in additional revenue over the last 2 quarters (vs. prior year periods) and accelerating performance.


Allbirds Case Study

Fresh off of series C investment, Allbirds was seeking to expand their footprint, cut costs, and effectively scale their operation. Bringing on their first outsourcer to expand their digital customer care program, Allbirds required an experienced and nimble vendor to launch quickly, scale smartly, and mitigate risk. 

  • Launch
    Develop a custom formalized agent training curriculum and implement a digital support program for US customers.
  • Results • Successfully launched program (Jan 2019) in our Philippines center in less than 2 weeks with 10 agents providing email support for US customers
    • Awarded Chat LOB (Jun 2019); increased agent count to 13
    • Began handling Email support for all regions (US, UK, NZ)
    • Production improvements allowed us to scale quickly moving from 20% overall contact volume to 70%
    • Launched support for new Allbirds product line ‘Breezers’
    • 0% attrition over last 3 months
    • 100% green KPI performance since January 2019
  • 13
  • 0% Attrition in
    last 3 months.
  • 96.61% QA
  • 70%
    Of overall
    contact volume
  • 96%
    5-Star Responses
    on all 5-Star Surveys
  • 100%
    Green KPIs


Gobble Case Study

As a startup in the ever-expanding meal kit delivery vertical, Gobble knew that social and search media platforms were going to play a vital role in their aggressive growth strategy.

With the powerful targeting and creative options available to advertisers on Facebook & Google, they needed an effective media strategy to reach new customers with the right message at the right time. The first phase of their strategy was to establish a strong presence in their home turf on the West Coast, while simultaneously gearing up for national expansion.

  • The Solution: By partnering with ibex Digital, Gobble was able to take full advantage of the ro- bust capabilities of a seasoned team of digital experts, along with a proprietary, purpose-built, agile marketing technology platform, called AdCastTM. Through this partnership, Gobble created a new user acquisition machine, focused on high quality customers who stayed with the brand long after their first meal delivery.
  • 58% Increase in new customers during first 10 months of the ibex
    + Gobble partnership.
  • 200% Increase in New Customers YoY
    150% Increase in Checkouts YoY
  • 150% Increase in Checkouts YoY


FutureDontics Case Study

FutureDontics needed an engagement partner who could not only provide top-box customer support and satisfaction, but who could also ramp and launch quickly, while still maintaining quality

  • Implementation Program start

    Initial launch
    90 day pilot
    Launch size
    12 agents, 1 Supervisor

  • Scale Current program: 80 agents, 7 Supervisors
    Client Satisfaction: Views ibex as integral to business success
  • After 40 days and an increase in conversion rates by 7%
    the client started SOW discussions.
  • We consistently perform as best in class in conversion %
  • At 96% QA
    sales performance is unmatched among their vendors

Custom Technology & Analytics: ibex developed a custom tool that helps FutureDontics track conversion % by market, reasons why we can/cannot convert, time of the day where we have the most missed conversion % opportunities (based on QA controllable), and how each agent quartile performs against all metrics and markets. Tool cost? Free.

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