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Large technology brands must actively manage a wide range of products and a diverse customer base that can often span multiple geographies and languages. This can result in fragmented processes, silo’d business units, and a growing distance between your business strategy and the needs of your customer. You need a partner that can handle the many different channels and the different lines of business your customers use to discover and interact with your brand, and one that can ensure accountability across your entire organization.

With CLX, we work closely with your support, engagement, and marketing teams to develop a flexible, complementary partnership strategy that seeks to align with and enhance current internal marketing, support, and experience efforts to collaboratively reduce competitor incursion, increase brand mindshare across every channel, and provide superior and cost-effective customer support.

Travel &

Meeting the High Expectations of Travelers

In an industry where the demands of customers and meeting expectations have become more and more visible, it has become increasingly more difficult to provide a great customer experience. ibex knows the pressures of the industry because we have a tenured staff of employees who have industry experience.

We can help you solve some of your customer service issues and allow you to focus on your core business functions. We can provide a full suite of services to help you including upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

Welcome to one of the most challenged industries on the planet. Rising fuel cost, fierce competition for customer loyalty and changing regulations have all had their effect on this industry. ibex is here to help. Our solutions support hotel, rental car, and cruise companies, as well as travel consolidators and online travel agencies. Our deep domain expertise is exactly what industry leaders are seeking from seeking. From frontline customer care for frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs to selling bundled travel packages via chat, ibex is well positioned to support your customers on the go. Come fly away with us!

Communications &

Bringing connectivity to communications

As a large Telecommunications company, a key driver of renewed growth and ongoing customer satisfaction is the speed and reliability with which you handle customer sales & support across a variety of channels, including social, chat, email, and phone, for a diverse array of product lines and service offerings.

Our extensive experience in the Telecom sector has infused our CLX platform with ready-made tools and effective strategies for helping large Telecom companies streamline, innovate, and grow.

CLX not only allows you to easily connect with the tens of millions of customers interacting daily with your brand, it can also unify and streamline your digital channels and marketing spend, provide more cost and customer-effective offshore/nearshore/onshore support, and layer powerful omni-channel CX capabilities throughout the entire customer value chain, bringing all relevant customer data under one roof, allowing you to completely transform how you engage with your customers - and how your brand innovates to meet ongoing and future customer demands.

Financial Services

ibex Customer Solutions offers a full-spectrum of solutions for the financial services industry.

Faced with the rising challenges with new regulatory compliance, fraud and breach prevention and customer demand for more digital support, the banking and financial services industries are looking for ways to mitigate risk while delivering what their customers want. ibex understands these needs and provides deep domain expertise to help solve the changing landscape of this industry. Whether we are providing digital marketing services, customer care, CX, or back office support, we deliver a seamless, safe approach to handling sensitive customer information.


As the online educational offerings become more diverse and complex, the need to outsource some of the administrative functions has grown. Currently, education is outsourcing as much of their peripheral functions as possible, allowing them to focus on what really matters in the world of education. The trend of diminishing the drain on their resources and the realization of how expensive it is to do some of the functions required for students, parents, and administrators has led to educators looking for alternatives. ibex has the solution by offering a highly trained workforce who can quickly become a valuable extension of your staff. Front line care, back office email, and chat are some of the services most widely used in this area. ibex is your #1 back to school resource!


Meeting the High Expectations of Travelers

Automotive OEMs have large dealership networks, across multiple geographies, and across multiple languages. To reach and engage customers, automotive OEMs are forced to resort to fragmented communications efforts through a diverse array of media channels. This leads to a mountain of data that is not easy to synthesize and put into effective use, suffering the added consequence of distancing consumers from the brand.

At ibex, we can quickly help automotive OEMs and their dealerships effectively reach customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle value chain, from targeted pre-purchase marketing timed to connect with leads at the earliest stage in their purchasing decisions, to measured support, service, and survey outreach and intake directly following any transaction or interaction.

The goal is always to maintain brand messaging and impact, while unifying the marketing, support, and experience efforts between the dealership networks and the OEM.


The Expanding World of Retail

The growth of omni-channel needs in the retail industry continues to expand. A study by MasterCard found that 8 out of 10 consumers use a device for online shopping. A digital strategy is necessary for brick-and-mortar retailers and online-only retailers to continuously experience growth. The demand for providing great customer service has also increased, as well as the demand for 24/7 customer support. With more online choices, balancing cost reduction with an improved customer experience is very difficult. ibex can help by providing solutions to help companies with their customer contact, saving money, and increasing brand loyalty. We know that a better customer experience will enhance a company’s reputation and lead to an increase in sales. Our understanding of the cyclicality of the retail industry has served our clients and their customers well. Our ability to scale up and down have earned us a strategic partners status with many of our clients.


For over 15 years, ibex has been servicing the customers of some of the best companies in the world. These are the companies that demand the highest quality of customer experience. Our agents have become a seamless extension for our clients, delivering superior customer engagement.

Providing a high-quality experience for your members, patients, or customers can tax the resources of healthcare companies and begin to drain the resources needed to provide your core business objectives. ibex can provide the services and manpower you need while at the same time saving you money.

Healthcare around the globe is quickly changing. Healthcare reform has created a completely new industry creating mass confusion with consumers. Because there is nothing more important than your health, ibex carefully approaches the needs of consumers. Our support provides better overall solutions for members, better understanding of health reform for payers and more efficient processes for providers. ibex provides licensed and non-licensed agents in a HIPAA compliant environment. We also provide certified nurses that deliver extremely efficient triage solutions onshore, nearshore and offshore. Let us manage this confusing landscape while you focus on the health of your consumers.

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