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CLX Connect

Omni-channel customer care

CLX Connect is our omni-channel platform for consumers to interact with brands via a channel of their choice, including voice, IVR, web, social or chatbots, ensuring a seamless transition from one channel to the next.

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ibex IVR

ibex IVR is built in-house for full system integration, unmatched response times, complete data security, and dramatically reduced costs.

Group Chat

Custom Built

In order to ensure complete data security and deep system integration across the entire CLX stack, we built our IVR system from the ground up. ibex IVR is the industry’s most secure, robust, and efficient system on the market.

Intelligent Call Rounting

Intelligent Call Routing

Want to make sure your preferred customers receive the best service? Need to make a new customer feel delighted? ibex IVR identifies key customer data, and routes them accordingly.

Audience Targeting
Text to IVR

Mobile Integration + Text-to-IVR

Is your customer using your brand app to address a support need? ibex IVR integrates easily with mobile applications, allowing any brand to help customers seamlessly switch from a text-based query right into our ibex IVR system, for complete white-glove customer support.

Direct Open-End

Direct, Open-Ended, and Mixed Dialogue

Our Speech Analytics tool is built to easily handle direct/prompted customer dialogue. ibex IVR can also easily integrate with a number of partner solutions to offer Open-Ended and Mixed Dialogue speech recognition.

CLX Integration

CLX Integration and Persistent Data Analytics

ibex IVR is connected to the CLX data stream, meaning that customer information, records, and disposition are always updated - when a customer calls, our ibex IVR system can quickly identify customers and tailor its call flow for a customized support experience, while simultaneously feeding data back into the CLX suite.

Behavior Scoring

Dynamic Call Flow

We can create any call flow you require. With our dynamic graphic user interface, our technicians can quickly create, change, and adapt any call flow to your exact scope and complexity.

LumenVox Speech Analytics

LumenVox Speech Analytics

The LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR) is a software solution that converts a customer’s spoken audio into text, allowing for efficient call categorization, management, and routing to the best-fit support agent.

Advanced Segmentation
Client Launch Team

Dedicated Onboarding and
Client Launch Team

Our dedicated client launch team will work with your brand to develop efficient call flows for ultimate customer experience optimization and agent call-time efficiency.

Dedicated On-boarding

The robots are coming.

Valet Chat CRM
is here.

Valet is an A.I. chatbot that easily handles high-frequency customer issues with style, smarts, and ease. Valet ensures your CLX program is ready for high-volume, high-frequency, and high-urgency customer issues, at any time.

Valet Knows

Valet Knows

Easily programmable with a database of common issues and conversation pathways, Valet can easily respond to, resolve, and forward any incoming customer issues as soon as a customer presses ‘Enter’.

Valet Learns
Valet Saves

Valet Saves

It costs a lot of money to run a call center. Luckily for your budget, Valet can handle thousands of concurrent customer issues, easily identifying, addressing, and triaging issues in seconds flat.

Valet Cares
Valet Knows
Valet Learns

Valet Learns

With every new customer interaction, Valet adapts this new information into its machine learning algorithms. With every customer interaction, Valet gets quicker, more accurate, and generally more fun to be around at parties.

Valet Saves
Valet Cares

Valet Cares

Valet takes the mood of the room. Every customer message is filtered in real-time through TxTView, where each word and sentence is analyzed for customer disposition and sentiment. Depending on the customer’s mood, Valet responds with charm, grace, and unmatched speed.

Are you listening?

Social CRM.

With Social, ibex call center agents can respond to any Facebook or Twitter message directed at your brand. All conversations are logged and actioned within the ibex Social dashboard, allowing for easy resolution, follow-up, and reporting.


Dashboard Alert

Our call center agents are immediately alerted to a mention of your brand, and of the customer’s disposition.



The assigned agent takes action, with the entire conversation monitored and recorded.



Once the customer is satisfied, the issue is tagged as resolved.


Sentiment Analytics

The post is captured by our system and analyzed for sentiment and disposition.

Dashboard Alert

Case Opened

As with every customer issue, we open and log a new case, assign it to an expert agent, and monitor until closed.

Action Image
Action Image

Equipped for Conversion


Agent comprises the technologies that help our agents not only connect to the customer data streaming across their screens, but also to one another, and their on-going performance.

Valet Knows

Agent Messenger

ibex Messenger is a sophisticated browser-based real-time communications tool enabling efficient and smooth communication between ibex agents.

Unified Image
Valet Saves

Issue Alerts

Our unified dashboard features an alerting system that immediately notifies agents to any changes to customer disposition or ongoing issue cases.

Valet Saves

Case Management

Every customer issue is logged as a case, and our automated workflows ensure an agent is assigned, and actively working towards complete and delightful resolution.

Valet Learns

Unified Customer Dashboard

We provide our agents with a unified dashboard revealing all historic and ongoing customer, call, and social interactions.

Unified 2
Valet Cares

Performance Monitoring

Agent conversations and customer interactions are constantly monitored for quality, outcome, and overall success.

Valet Cares

Sentiment Engine

Agent gives access to current customer sentiment and disposition, received from ongoing CX and feedback efforts from our CLX Pulse suite.

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