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CLX Convert

Consumer - targeted deals and offers.

CLX Convert is a proprietary quoting engine which aggregates and unifies quotes and deals from a large number of providers at an address level, for efficient and ongoing lead conversion.

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Our BundleDealer platform is the only application available in the US offering address-based comparison shopping across multiple service providers.

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BundleDealer allows an online shopper to simply enter their zip code and purchase from a localized comparison list of brand offers, products, and services.

Audience Targeting
Text to IVR

Optimized Offers & Upsells

Offer Maximizer provides brands the ability to maximize the return on their marketing efforts through the industry’s first Offer Maximizer Algorithm (OMA). OMA leverages 500 plus data points from over 5 years of conversion data to recommend products or offers that historically exhibit higher probabilities of service activation.

Audience Targeting
CLX Integration

BundleDealer API

With the BundleDealer API, you can easily integrate BundleDealer functionality and capabilities on any brand website.

Behavior Scoring

Unified Shopping Cart

BundleDealer eliminates the need for consumers or agents go to a different website for each provider when entering an order. The buyflow for all providers is contained entirely within BundleDealer and is presented in a uniform and orderly manner for all providers.

Audience Targeting
Behavior Scoring


BundleDealer allows call center agents to enter an inbound consumer’s zip code and work with them to find and purchase the best localized offers to match their needs.

LumenVox Speech Analytics

Address-Based Shopping

BundleDealer uses consumer location data to showcase geographically optimized products and services. From here, brands and dealers can market any number of value-added packages or offers through the seamless BundleDealer UI, making upsell and cross-sell a breeze.

Advanced Segmentation
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Comparison Shopping & Deal Sharing

BundleDealer.com allows consumers and agents the ability to cross-compare 3 different products from the same provider, or between 3 different providers, all while allowing compared offers and deals to be quickly and conveniently shared with other customers via email.

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Multiple Service Providers

BundleDealer's API is built to integrate with the back-end of any service provider, meaning offer and product information is always live and up-to-date.

Dedicated On-boarding
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Real-Time Reporting

BundleDealer tracks the status of the individual products related to submitted orders in virtual real-time, and provides detailed reports via the Reporting Center.

  • Revenue Generating Units
  • Commission Payment Status
  • Installation Dates
  • Moving Data
  • Lead Source Detail
  • Qualification Close Rate

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