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Feedback at every

CLX Pulse gives brands the power to seamlessly send omni-channel digital surveys, supported by powerful text analytics software to intelligently analyze customer feedback for accurate sentiment and disposition.

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Real-Time Issue

Respond immediately to any issue, from survey or social. With the Pulse system, you can set alert thresholds, delineate permissions and roles for specific issue types, and set action plans to ensure every issue is dealt with quickly and effectively.

  • Issue Dashboard Alerts
  • Roles+Permissions
  • Action Plans
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Trigger Surveys

Trigger Surveys After Any Touchpoint

Wherever and whenever a customer interacts with your brand, Pulse is able to initiate a survey with your new customer for immediate sentiment and disposition analysis.

Real Time Issue

The Details: Issue Resolution

For effective customer retention, brands must engage consistently with their customers, have their finger on the pulse of customer issues, and strive to maintain accountability throughout the entire process.

Algorithmic feedback

Algorithmic Feedback Monitoring

All feedback submitted to Experience is assessed and flagged. Any feedback that falls below defined thresholds kicks the Issue Resolution Management Center into high gear.

Transparent Issue Management

Transparent Issue Management & Tracking

With Experience, brand staff or our call center agents can claim, assign, and monitor all feedback that comes into the system, providing a holistic, 360 degree, real-time view of customer issues.

Full Issue Lifecycle Tracking

Full Issue Lifecycle Tracking

Experience tracks every issue throughout its lifecycle. From initial feedback, to brand action, to resolution, to post-resolution follow up, every customer issue is closely monitored until every customer is fully satisfied.

Valet Cares

Performance Accountability &

Every action is tracked and visible to all levels of your organization. Monitor performance and training needs, assess customer sentiment, and effectively resolve every issue.

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