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CLX Sense

The leading toolset for call center productivity & agent performance

CLX Sense is our workflow and workforce management toolset for fully focused call center productivity and agent success.

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BPO Production Core

An end-to-end application designed to streamline contact center workflows and technologies for agent efficiency and brand cost savings.

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FMS Floor Management System

A web-based application that enhances call center productivity by providing real-time assistance to agents. If an agent is unable to satisfy/respond to a customer’s enquiry, the agent will request for assistance from a registered set of agents known as “Floating Agents” via a centrally displayed dashboard.

Audience Targeting
Text to IVR

Quartz Time Keeper

Quartz is a timekeeping tool that is seamlessly integrated into an employee’s work day, allowing for efficient and accurate time management. Agents can view their time on a daily basis, review and make adjustments to their time, view full paid time for the current date, pay period, and month.

Behavior Scoring

Status Dashboard

A web-based dashboard that provides Operations with a real-time view of staffed agent stations by campaign.

Advanced Segmentation
LumenVox Speech Analytics

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Need to make sure you don’t miss a word about you or the competition? TXTView has built-in Named Entity Recognition, allowing you to set keywords for tagging and immediate alerts in your dashboard.


ibex Recorder is a suite of recording technologies meant to monitor agent call and screen performance & behavior.

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Network Recorder

Network Recorder handles the upflow and downflow of all recording and reporting data handled in the CLX Sense suite, transferring gigabytes of data daily, for easy monitoring and reporting across your call center base.

  • Producing on average 200+ GB of audio per day
  • Recording screens for 24 sites with 4000+ extensions
  • Producing on average 180+ GB of video per day, per site
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Voice Recorder

Every inbound or outbound call is recorded and stored for quick access, action, and reporting. What’s more, we make all of our audio available to our clients.

Behavior Scoring

Screen Recorder

At all times, our agent screens are being recorded to ensure compliance to ibex and client standards. Video is regularly analyzed for areas of improvement, tailoring best practices, and training needs.

Advanced Segmentation

Everything, tracked.

Blind Monitor

Our Blind Monitoring capability allows supervisors to monitor an agent’s real-time screen and audio, to ensure high levels of performance and compliance.

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Network role-based supervisor access

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Audio + Visual

Users can listen to audio and view an agent’s screen during any call

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Ongoing calls can be searched on a real time basis using employee or call state information

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Online or Offline

Users can VNC agent screens if they are not on a call

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