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CLX Signal

Data tuned to every channel.

CLX Signal is our portal for real-time statistics, data, and reports for general users and reporting analysts, used both internally and by our clients. Signal allows users to create reports on the fly and conduct ad-hoc analyses.

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Blue sky customer potential with ClearView Pro

ClearView Pro is your real-time dashboard for the entire Customer Lifecycle Experience.

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Unified Dashboard

ClearView Pro features a singular dashboard view for one-glance analysis of your entire program performance. From high priority KPIs to response rates to on-going issues, ClearView Pro’s unified dashboard a full-spectrum performance check on your entire customer experience program.

Audience Targeting
Behavior Scoring

Social Media Community Management

Listen and respond to social media sentiment from any major social media platform. With ClearView Pro, every mention of your brand is piped directly into our unified dashboard for easy tracking, response, and resolution.

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At 40,000 feet


SkyView helps brands analyze trends from across their entire CX program, view company health and efficiencies at the click of a button, and integrates data from disparate sources, on demand.

Valet Knows

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Analytics across every segment and touchpoint; performance reporting for every program and campaign; with SkyView’s Business Intelligence suite, it’s easy to know what you’re doing right and, more importantly, what you’re doing wrong.

Valet Saves

Every Business Unit, Optimized

Set custom views for each business unit, from Marketing to Sales to Service. With SkyView, every business unit is tracked and measured, ultimately increasing prioritization and productivity, and providing you with deep insights into program success along every vertical.

Valet Learns

Customized Issue Workflows

Easily set your issue resolution process for any type of customer issue. Identify and categorize issue types, delineate the workflow process, assign roles and responsibilities for each issue type, set and track time parameters for each step of the process, and provide guidance on how issues should be solved.

Valet Cares

Everything, Visualized

We know you like pretty things. Fortunately, so do we, and we make sure that all the data you’re spending hours staring at looks beautiful, refined, and meaningful. Try SkyView, and give your eyes a vacation from spreadsheet ennui.

Between the lines


Gather high quality information from every bit of text delivered throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Information is power, and power is money.

Social Media

Pattern Recognition

That’s not a cloud - it’s a happy customer. TxTView is built to recognize commonalities and trends across huge amounts of customer verbatim and chat message feedback data, allowing your brand to tailor and modify your campaigns and your overall issue resolution process.


Sentiment Analysis

Perhaps the most important aspect of any Text Analytics software is its ability to extract sentiment from any text. TxTView ensures that every piece of text that streams into your brand is accurately decoded for overall customer sentiment, with both positive and negative feedback tagged, alerted, and actioned.


Probabilistic Decision Making

It’s impossible to plan for every possible instance of customer feedback. That’s why TxTView uses Probabilistic Decision Making, an algorithmic machine learning tool that identifies aspects of a given body of text, and applies the most probable resolution to that problem type. Over time, as the software learns, accuracy dramatically increases, negating the need for any manual input.


Natural Language Processing

With embedded machine learning capabilities, TxTView’s Natural Language Processing algorithms can tag various parts of feedback data for further analysis and action, based simply on semantic recognition, performing qualitative analysis through context.


Named Entity Recognition

Need to make sure you don’t miss a word about you or the competition? TXTView has built-in Named Entity Recognition, allowing you to set keywords for tagging and immediate alerts in your dashboard.

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Report Builder

Cut through the noise of thousands of data points by generating custom reports, directly within ClearView Pro.


User friendly “drag and drop” functionality makes running reports easy and seamless.


Provides all levels of users with additional report creation capabilities for any metric within the ClearView Pro system.


Users can create and view data visualizations (line, bar and column chart) to assist in trend monitoring and analysis.


Through the metric menu, users can easily select or deselect data elements on the fly while diagnosing issues.


Report formats can be saved, shared and rerun at user dictated intervals.


Custom or preset date ranges can be utilized which allows users to pull information for any date range desired.


Reduces the need and frequency of paid custom reports as users can extract and manipulate data as a standard Excel table.


Graphical representation imagery can be added to program presentations for additional visual aids to drive home key messages. All reports and charts can be saved as a PDF or printed.

Slice & Dice


Powerful data crunching. Drag-and-drop simplicity.

With Cross-Tabs, power users will have maximum use of the flexible architecture of the CLX database to allow “any variable by any variable” analysis in milliseconds.


Capability to see many measures (KPIs) in one view, tailored to your brand


Enables user to easily visualize trends over any time horizon


Ability to transpose data (rows to columns, columns to rows) as user explores data


All cross tabulations generated are stored in a library for future access and can be easily exported


All reports and charts can be saved as a PDF or printed


Capability to see many measures in one view, tailored to specific need, enabling exploratory analysis into more granular actionable levels (Retailer/Employee)

Recording Portal

The Recording Portal is a central recording portal that allows clients to request call recordings and receive them via email, dropbox, or SFTP. The entire process uses PGP encryption to ensure safe and secure file transfers between ibex and its clients.


Insights is a central application to cover global reporting and analytics needs. The application is linked to a large data warehouse to provide historical and day-to-day operational data to general users and report analysts.


White Label Partner Platform

Influencer lets you brand the platform as your own, ensuring brand visibility and a seamless brand experience.


Real-Time Insights

Access agent performance data in real-time for quick adjustments, guidance, and reviews.

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