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CLX Trust

Your customer data,

CLX Trust monitors and prevents internal fraud and security breaches, ensuring your data and your customers’ data, remains secure and confidential.

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Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder monitors agent screens to ensure no customer information is being falsely copied, stored, or shared.


Adaptive Monitoring

Screen Recorder handles the upflow and downflow of all recording and reporting data handed in the CLX Sense suite, transferring gigabytes of data daily for easy monitoring and reporting across your call center base.

Activity Alert

Activity Alert

Every inbound or outbound call is recorded and stored for quick access, action, and reporting. What’s more, we make all of our audio available to our clients.

Audience Targeting
Behavior Scoring

Always On

At all times, our agent screens are being recorded to ensure compliance to ibex and client standards. Video is regularly analyzed for areas of improvement, tailoring best practices, and training needs.

Security Alert


KeyLogger catches fraudulent or suspicious keyboard
activity on an agent’s desktop, ensuring no personally
identifiable information is stored, shared, or transferred.


All Keystrokes

KeyTracker monitors and analyzes every keystroke typed by our call center agents, ensuring no personally identifiable information is fraudulently recorded.


Security Alert

If any suspicious activity is detected, agent supervisors are alerted and the suspicious activity is investigated using the Screen Recorder application.


Any Application

KeyTracker isn’t just active for ibex software only - it monitors every keystroke in every application installed on an agent’s desktop.

KeyLogger 2

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