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The Engage Flow

Engage. Transform. Grow.

Equipped with comprehensive customer sentiment data from across our CLX suite, our support technologists are wired & ready to anticipate and act on any customer need in 20+ languages, across any channel, all while strategically transitioning service to sales at every touchpoint.

  • We train & motivate highly engaged brand support champions.

    We are highly selective in recruiting our global agent force, resulting in highly meaningful and effective interactions, across 20+ languages.

  • We build customer trust, and seamlessly transition service to sales.

    You can’t upsell a customer if they don’t trust you. We make sure our agents exemplify the best in your brand, quickly and effectively solve issues on the first pass, then set the table for what to sell next.

  • We drive sophisticated retention and win-back programs to keep customers in your ecosystem.

    Successful customer retention is a key factor in ongoing brand revenue, performance, and profit. We understand how important a positive interaction can be, and how vocal a lost customer is. We work to ensure that an angry customer doesn’t turn into a lost customer.

The names of the game

People - Perfect BPO

We believe in focusing relentlessly on agent happiness and engagement.

Want to know how we hire the majority of our agents? Agent referrals. Our agents are so happy at their work, they want to tell everyone about it. Imagine that level of delight and enthusiasm representing your brand.

Hourly. Daily. Yearly.

These are not programs, they are not initiatives or contests.
This is simply who we are. We strive to provide the absolute best culture for our agents; in turn, our customers -- your customers -- feel the difference.

We are fanatics about providing our agents with amenities that make their work-life balance possible. Great food, flexible schedules, transportation and daycare options, along with early opportunities for career advancement, are all part of our philosophy.

What We Do.

A thousand smiles a second.

At ibex, our connected agents and analytical A.I. work hand-in-hand to deliver the pinnacle in delightful, predictive, and outcome-oriented customer sales & support, providing the ultimate in cost reduction, brand protection, and increasing revenues.

Customer Purchase

Customer Purchase
Greg Pendelton

Helping each customer achieve their purchase goals

Customer Support

Customer Support
Bram Wigzell

Ensuring every customer issue is effortlessly solved

Customer Upsell

Customer Upsell
Kaye Mcintosh

Helping every customer discover related products and services

Customer Purchase

Customer Purchase
Greg Pendelton

Assisting customer through purchase process

Customer Support

Customer Support
Bram Wigzell

Assisting customer through technical difficulties

Customer Upsell

Customer Upsell Kaye Mcintosh

Providing customer with better products

Our support agents specialize in maintaining highly-engaging and highly-valuable support calls, with call times optimized appropriately for effective support and sales.

  • Customer Care
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Service to Sales
  • Sales
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Retention

Customers are increasingly using digital and social channels to approach the brands they love. We can quickly and successfully handle customer inquiries from any channel, analyze all digital sentiment for intelligent action, and leave customers with an overwhelmingly positive brand experience.

  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Email
  • IVR
  • Social
  • Analytics

At ibex, we work with you to create a contact center delivery model that is optimal for your business needs. We take into account all factors including your unique situation, technology constraints, business needs, and financial considerations. Once we have assessed your complete set of requirements, we will structure a customized support solution that completely fulfills your brand requirements.

  • Fully Outsourced
  • Build/Operate/Transfer
  • Co-Sourced
  • Facility Re-Build

Always available and jam-packed with answers, Valet is an adaptive chatbot that learns as it helps, quickly triaging and solving high-frequency support requests via a huge database of learned & predefined issues, complete with resolution pathways for immediate solutions to any number of customer inquiries.

We know that forward-thinking brands need more than just a vendor – they need a strategic partner who can help improve their organization, discover efficiencies, bring down costs, and implement dynamic new technologies and processes that drive performance enhancement and evolution across every link in your enterprise value chain.

  • Build efficiencies
  • Implement best practices
  • Leverage key technologies
  • Fulfill brand vision & promise
  • Streamline internal & external processes


2010 Winston Park Drive, 2nd Floor, Oakville ON, L6H 6P5


Lot 8 & 9 Pines Plaza Braeton Parkway, Portmore, St Catherine, Jamaica, WI

Site Offices

  • Waterfront (site 1)
  • Courtleigh (site 2)
  • Portmore


Edificio INVERCASA Torre 3, Tercer Piso. Managua, Nicaragua


19th Floor, Centre Point Building, Plot# 66/3-2, Off Shaheed-e-Millat, Expressway, Karachi.

Site Offices

  • Islamabad
  • Karachi I (IBEX Tower)
  • Karachi II (In-House)
  • Lahore I (TNB1)
  • Lahore II (TNB2)


8th Floor, Hanston Building, No.20 Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Pasig City

Site Offices

  • Davao
  • Manila I (Silver City)
  • Manila II (Shaw IT)
  • Manila III (Paranaque)


Immeuble TRG - Rue 3xB, Point E, Dakar, BP. 45595, Dakar Fann


2nd floor, Castlemead, Lower Castle Street, Bristol UK, BS1 3AG
United States

United States

1700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 560, Washington DC 20006

Site Offices

  • Beckley, WV
  • Bend, OR
  • Charleston, WV
  • Elkins, WV
  • Hampton, VA
  • New Braunfels, TX
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Spring Hill, TN

Engage Globally

Strategic Footprint

Our global network of contact centers provides a cost effective and strategic way to outsource your key customer management requirements to a partner with experience in supporting Fortune 100 companies.







Service Delivery Location


Service Delivery

Looking to support customers and drive revenue?

There’s an agent for that.

Sell the Up-Sell

Our agents not only have the training and expertise to execute sales, up-sells, and cross-sells - they are also equipped with exclusive technology that allows them to target a customer’s location for specific brand deals and offers available in their area.


We’re aware of customer needs before a customer ever reaches out to us. Our agents monitor customer satisfaction and disposition thresholds; if our agent notices a customer with a specific product or service need, we’re able to reach out and close, cutting the competition off at the pass.

History & Insight

We process, analyze, pull apart, and store every customer interaction and data point within our full stack Customer Experience platform. This platform underpins every support interaction, leading to highly-tailored and targeted outcomes for every customer touchpoint.

& Expertise

We know how to keep your customers from switching. Given our deep insights into customer needs and wants, coupled with a huge database of online and offline behavioral purchase analytics, our call center agents are able to successfully address true customer needs, and keep them under your roof.

Together at last.

BPO meets CX.

Reduce spend, improve every relationship, and increase lifetime value and loyalty. Our sophisticated feedback and issue resolution management system notifies call center agents of any unhappy or defecting customer, in near real-time.

Algorithmic Feedback Monitoring

All feedback submitted to CLX is assessed and flagged. Any feedback that falls below defined thresholds kicks the Issue Resolution Management Center into high gear.

Transparent Issue Management & Tracking

With CLX, brand staff or our call center agents can claim, assign, and monitor all feedback that comes into the system, providing a holistic, 360 degree, real-time view of customer issues.

Full Issue Lifecycle Tracking

CLX tracks every issue throughout its lifecycle. From initial feedback, to brand action, to resolution, to post-resolution follow-up, every customer issue is closely monitored until every customer is fully satisfied.

Performance Accountability & Improvement

Every action is tracked and visible to all levels of your organization. Monitor performance and training needs, assess customer sentiment, and effectively resolve every issue.

A Sale in Support’s Clothing

Every support search is a sales opportunity
in disguise

Customers don’t always go to your website right away for support questions. Often, they’ll Google it first.

This is an opportunity.

The Support - to - Upsell Strategy

  • 1Support Search on Web

  • 2Strategically Placed Brand Support Ads + Results
  • 3Customer Click Directs to Brand Chat, Call, or Landing Page
  • 4Immediate Brand Support & Strategic Upsell
  • Keyword Directed

    We’ve optimized our paid search algorithms to place support ads for common brand issues at the top of a customer’s web search results.

  • Channel Optimized

    We use intelligent routing technology to direct support clicks on search results to an appropriate website chat conversation, a dedicated support agent, or the relevant support documentation on your website.

  • Streamlined Upsell Connection

    With a customer directed immediately to the proper channel, inbound chatbots and agents are able to quickly diagnose any issue, and provide recommendations for product upgrades, better packages, or new product lines.

by Design

We have become the service disrupter in the world of business process outsourcing, and we consistently outperform and outpace our competitors. We are the perfect alternative to the lethargic and costly billion dollar players - no matter the size of your business, you can bet you’ll always be treated like our biggest client.


Onshore, nearshore, and offshore call center sites.


Languages offered by our award-winning agents.



Customer sales & support interactions each year.

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  • Canada
  • Jamaica
  • Nicaragua
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
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