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The Experience Flow

Connect. Engage. Delight.

For over 30 years, our powerful CX technology has helped brands build, launch & manage award-winning customer experience programs, all around the globe.

  • Send branded surveys at any touchpoint

    Our platform allows you to send branded, customized surveys to any customer, after any interaction.

  • Perform real-time feedback analysis & issue resolution

    Our technology analyses customer feedback and sentiment in real-time - then pushes you to act on and resolve issues before your customers start looking sideways.

  • Build lifetime brand advocates

    With all this new customer data and a host of satisfied customers, it’s time to kickoff tailored engagement campaigns to keep your customers engaged, happy, and in your brand ecosystem.

Samantha Jones
Samantha receives customer survey after her purchase.
Kerry Washington
Kerry’s feedback is received, sentiment analyzed, and action taken.
Jonathan & Mary
As engaged and active conversations develop over time, customer stickiness increases.

Action & Insight

The Customer Journey, optimized.

We’ve been gathering and analyzing customer feedback and sentiment for over 30 years. We’ve reached a flow-state of sophisticated feedback expertise, quick issue resolution processes and technologies, and delightful customer retention techniques.

Be Excellent at Every Touchpoint

Experience unifies diverse data sets into one simple, action-oriented dashboard. Monitor and act on survey feedback, social media feedback, call center support/sales data, chat data, retention data, and customer search + click data. Our data stream is optimized for action, insight, and delivering delight across the entire customer journey.

Make CX Your Mantra

Customer Experience isn’t a temporary fix - it’s a way of life. We provide your teams with sophisticated tools and applications that will help them integrate CX into their core business functions, making CX a part of every business decision.

Every Business Unit, Connected

Marshall every manager, executive, and employee towards the unique fulfillment of customer needs and delight. With our connected toolset, your employees can easily monitor KPIs, push real-time reports, set action plans, and easily share information across the entire organization.


All the feedback, None of the noise

For the ultimate in CX, you need the ultimate toolset.

Get immediate feedback for any customer touchpoint along the engagement value chain. Following any sale or support call, immediately send an email or SMS or online survey to capture real-time sentiment regarding the interaction.

The ClearView platform is always on and actively listening for mentions of your brand across all major social media networks. As soon as your brand is mentioned, this data is piped into the ClearView dashboard for immediate action and follow-up.

Effectively resolve negative customer sentiment in a heartbeat. Whether it’s from a survey, social media mention, chat conversation or phone call, our technology and people are able to immediately flag negative sentiment, alert the appropriate resolution personnel, and quickly protect your brand.

We send, receive, analyze millions of survey results every year. This means Big Data processing and warehousing, large-scale issue management & resolution, thousands of reports & data visualizations, all to ensure your brand gets a full, accurate, and strategic picture of true customer satisfaction & delight.

Advanced KPI Tracking

Actively track and monitor performance thresholds along with key goals and objectives, in real-time.

Insight Mining

Continuous CX involves collecting a great deal of structured data. Brands often need help to uncover the meaning behind the data, and Insight Mining is a key tool in helping you see the forest for the trees.

Key Driver Analysis

Driver analysis surgically identifies and analyzes the key issues that are driving overall customer satisfaction, loyalty, delight, and recommendation.

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