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In a market with endless options, overwhelmed consumers increasingly look to their utility companies as a source for advice on connected homes. When a utility in the Midwest launched a national search for a partner to radically modernize their customers’ ecommerce experience, they chose Ibex Digital to launch a new utility customer shopping experience.

With Digital Marketplace, our client provides more to their customers: they delight customers with extraordinary offers and discounts on products and services for the smarthome.

Ibex worked with the client to curate a catalog of the best products and services — from contractors and home protection plans to smart home and energy efficiency goods — then packaged it all into an appealing, fully branded customer experience designed to make a lasting impression. And, supported with a lifecycle engagement program, ibex ensures that once our client built it, their customers visit, engage, and buy.

Solution Highlights:

Fully integrated solution with a broad product and service catalog including smart home goods, essential home connections, home security, repair and protection plans, as well as contractor services

Ready to launch, and customizable to include existing products and services and utility branding

Direct to consumer billing options, or available for integration to payment systems enabling charges on the bill where applicable

Backed up by a robust customer outreach solution ensuring high traffic and engagement

Fully trackable for real time insights about customer interactions for ongoing nurturing

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